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Virtual space for organising congresses, conferences, fairs, meetings and training courses

Get to know VirBELA™ – a virtual world for business meetings
Let conference participants, co-workers and business partners create their own avatars and take part in your event. Access the virtual world and enjoy a conference or training course experience that will make you feel as if you attended the event in person.
Video presentation

Yes! You can still organise events for over 1000 participants!

Lease an auditorium, conference room, meeting room or space for hosting a meeting of the management board. Allow the participants to meet in virtual world, talk business or meet up for a friendly event just like at a real-life event. Use our EXPO Room to organise fairs or exhibitions. The world of events is changing to a virtual one. Take advantage of this and invite your guests to a virtual event – with convenience, high level of innovation, while being fully safe for health.

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Find out more about VirBELA™

VirBELA™ is a trademark belonging to eXp World Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPI).

The mission of VirBELA™ is to create conditions for organising events, remote cooperation and education in circumstances of geographic distance and in times of a pandemic where direct contact of participants is not possible. For this purpose, we created software that supports effective communication, builds human relations and creates a safe remote working environment. This is an engaging and advanced 3D virtual reality platform that enables users to communicate using their avatars, voice, chats or gestures. To find out more, visit our company site at